March 2017

The Stone Tree Riders are gearing up for show season! We’re having our show meeting on March 10th! Please attend if you would like to attend some shows this season.

We are gearing up for a fun filled March Break with camp activities from 9:30am -2:30pm. Please visit the camp page to find out more and email or call Wendy to book. There are still some spots available.

Stay tuned for more updates of life at Stone Tree Farms!

Claudia Makes the Newspaper!!  – October 2016

Clearview horse competes in racehorse makeover challenge

Wasaga Sun

This makeover challenge is a horse of a different colour. Literally.

Clearview Township resident Claudia Frauchiger is headed to Lexington, Kentucky, Oct. 27 through 30 to put Tiger — a six-year-old thoroughbred — through his paces as a show jumper.

The Thoroughbred Makeover is a competition organized by the Retired Racehorse Project, which works on the placement of ex-racehorses in second careers by increasing demand for them in equestrian sports.

Tiger raced until last October.

“At six they consider them old,” Frauchiger said. “The trainers then try to find them a home.”

For many horses, that future is uncertain — and sometimes that path leads to the slaughterhouse.

“There’s been quite a movement to find those horses a second career,” she said. “I don’t know how many get saved … you only have so many people riding.”

Tiger will compete in dressage, and eventing.

Frauchiger — who has competed in triathlon at an international level — joked the eventing competition is like the “triathlon for horses.

“They do dressage, show jumping, and then cross-country,” she said.

Frauchiger, who grew up in Switzerland and came to Canada in 1995, has ridden for most of her life, though she took a lengthy break from the sport.

“Kids, money, triathlon, a different path,” she said. “I had to to find something to do I could do from home, and that was horses.

“I’m not so sure the horse part makes money,” she added with a laugh.

Tiger stands at 16.3 hands, slightly taller than the average racehorse.

“His size and demeanour is really nice,” Frauchiger said. “He has really nice movements.”

Frauchiger has plans to see that Tiger goes on to a good home, and will have him for sale while in Lexington.

“I hope I can find them a nice home where someone will want to ride him … I’m sure he will have a good home,” she said. “They’re extremely kind. Thoroughbreds give you more of their heart and soul, where ‘warm bloods’ might be more full of themselves.

“If he doesn’t sell, I’m more than happy taking him home.”


April 28 – Quick update today. We are only a few weeks away from the official beginning of show season and we’re ready for it to begin. We had our first taste of the summer to come when Hannah Jarret and Patti Labelle showed at RCRA. They competed in large jumper classes and got two 4ths and a 2nd. Great job girls!

We’d also like to congratulate Brieann Chapman on the lease of Quite Frankly. Looking forward to watching you this summer.

February 5 – There have been some big changes around Stonetree Farms this year! We have some new additions to our show team, riding school, and are looking very forward to the season ahead.

Congratulations to:

  • Wendy Jones on the purchase of Lear 02, a lovely 4-year old jumper prospect. We’re very excited to watch these two in the years to come! [PIC]
  • Hannah Jarrett on the lease of Patti La Belle. We’re looking forward to seeing your jumper career continue!
  • Lexus Lafreniere on the purchase of Danielle K. We’re excited to watch the two of you show and bond in the upcoming seasons!
  • Hannah Baxter on the lease of Cori. We’re glad she’ll be staying in our barn, and we’re excited to have the two of you as a pair!
  • Natalie Pridham on the lease of Revolution. You and Romeo make a great pair, and we’re excited to watch for you!
  • Shae Peca on the lease of Can’t Touch This. Lexus is happy to see her stay in barn and so are we!
  • Ashley and Hannah Umiker on the part-lease of Winddancer’s Diamond in the Rough. Thrilled to see you both, and Cindy, so happy together.
  • Emily Wrzesinkski on the lease of Antique Lace. The two of you are perfect together and Annie couldn’t be happier!
  • Caroline Visser on the lease of Ali Baba. We’re very excited to see Stanley in barn and love the pair of you together!
  • Lorella Zanchetta & Hannah Brennen on the purchase of Northwind’s A Bit Painted. Excited to see Sassy’s post-broodmare career!


October 19 – As we come to our year-end awards banquet, we would like to congratulate everyone at Stonetree on an excellent year!

  • Kamryn Wiest & Night N’ Day – Small Pony Champion, C Equitation O/F Champion, C Equitation Flat Champion
  • Alex O’Donnell & Moments of Glory – Jumper Medal Champion, 4th Jr/Am 1.0m Jumper
  • Hannah Brennen & Morton’s Tom Cat – Large Pony Champion
  • Korey Wiest & Dinero’s Top Bidder – 3rd Jr/Am 2’6 Hunter
  • Lexu Lafreniere & Can’t Touch This – 4th B Equitation Flat
  • Taylor Carney & Better Than Butter – 5th My First Medal, 12th Short Stirrup, 12th C Equitation Flat

August 25 – It’s time for our near-end-of-season update! We have one regular season trillium show left to go before Championships. In the mean time, we’d like to congratulate all of our riders on their exceptional season thus far.

June 20 – Our show season has begun with a bang here at Stonetree! We have attended the Highview, Greystone, and Cedar Run Trillium shows thus far, and they have resulted in fantastic experiences so far.

Night N’ Day & Kamryn Wiest

Korwyn & Victoria Alfano

Congratulations to Kitten & Lexus Lafreniere, Moments Of Glory & Alex O’Donnell, Dinero’s Top Bidder and Korey Wiest, Kori & Natalie Pridham, Biscayne Bay & Caroline Visser, Night N’ Day & Kamryn Wiest, and Korwyn & Victoria Alfano.


  • Victoria and Korwyn – Large Pony Champion @ Cedar Run, on only their third ride together!
  • Kamryn and Night N Day – Small Pony Champion @ Cedar Run, 2 shows consecutively!
  • Kamryn and Night N Day – Small Pony Champion & Classic Winner @ Greystone, scoring a 90!
  • Natalie and Kori – Class winners @ Cedar Run, very first horse show ever!
We look forward to continuing our season!

March 2 – We have lots to announce for 2013!

Firstly, we recently have redone our arena footing, and our lovely indoor now contains TravelRight Footing from Footing First. This is the same footing that was used in the Ricoh Coliseum at the Royal Winter Fair this year, and our horses, riders, and dogs all love it! We can’t wait to continue our year on this footing, and look forward to clinics and events to follow!

We are thrilled to announce that Hyde Moffatt will be returning for another clinic this spring! More details to follow; this will run in groups of four or five riders over two days, and stalls will be available overnight.

Lastly, check out our Camp Page for information on the Stonetree Camp!


October 28 – What an incredible and busy month it’s been!

Congratulations to Wendy Jones on receiving her OEF Competition Coach Certification! We are all so proud!

  • OEF Competition Coach Certification Clinic: We invited the OEF to our facility to evaluate and certify several

    OEF Competition Coach Certification – Congrats Wendy!

    coaches through the new coaches’ certification program. This was a huge success and a great experience to all who participated! We’d like to thank everyone who came out and rode this weekend.

  • Stonetree Riders attended George Morris clinic: Hannah Brennen, Lorella Zanchetta, and Wendy Jones attended the George Morris clinic on October 12. We’d like to thank George for making the trip to Canada and hope to see him again!
  • Hyde Moffatt Clinic: We had Hyde Moffatt visit our farm to give a 2-day clinic October 13 & 14 to a number of lucky riders. It was a very fun and educational weekend for all, and we look forward to having Hyde back in the future. We’d like to thank Hyde Moffatt for his time in this wonderful experience.
  • GBZ – THJA Banquet: The Georgian Bay Zone banquet was held October 20, 2012. We’d like to congratulate everyone on a fantastic season and look forward to the many more to come:
    Wendy Jones & Hey Eddie! – CHAMPION 1m Jr/Am/Open Jumper
    Hannah Brennen & Mortons Catmint – CHAMPION Large Pony Hunter
    Victoria Alfano & Beach Bum – CHAMPION B Equitation Flat, 5th B Equitation o/f
    Alex O’Donnell & Moments of Glory – RESERVE CHAMPION 0.9m Jr/Am Jumper, 6th Jumper Medal
    Kelly McNicholl & Granit – RESERVE CHAMPION Children’s Hunter, RES.CH A Eq o/f, RES.CH Children’s Medal, 6th A Eq Flat
    Brooke Graham & Snowdancer – RESERVE CHAMPION Short Stirrup, RES.CH C Eq Flat, 3rd My First Medal
    Breanna Young & Wallstreet – RESERVE CHAMPION Adult Eq Flat, 7th Mod. Child/Adult Hunter
    Breanna Young & Win City – 8th Mod. Child/Adult Hunter 

October 6- Click HERE for information on our Hyde Moffat Clinic. We also welcome the Ontario Equestrian Federation to our farm this weekend for a Competition Coach certification.

Brooke Graham & Snowdancer, 2nd in C Equitation Flat out of 47 entries.

September 10 – We just returned from Trillium Championships, and what a show we had!

Wendy Jones and Hey Eddie placed 1st, 2nd, and 5th in the 1m Training Jumpers to finish overall Champion. Snowdancer and Brooke Graham also had a fantastic weekend, placing 2nd out of 47 entries in the C Equitation Flat, and also earning a 9th, a 7th, and an 11th in the Short Stirrup. Hannah Brennen rode Mortons Catmint to two 5ths out of 46 Large Pony Hunters, and managed a last minute ride on Highview Farms’ All That Jazz to a 6th place out of 40 in the 0.9m mini prix.

The week was bittersweet, as Hey Eddie returned to Hilltop Equestrian on Sunday. We’d once again like to thank Hilltop, Cliff Haines, and Pam McGregor for the opportunity of having Eddie in our barn this summer. We’d like to congratulate the O’Reilly Family and Scott Ottewell of Gladstone Farm on their lease of Later Alligator. Best of luck in the future. Another congratulations to Cindy Gordon of Gordonhurst Equestrian Center on the purchase of Morton’s Catmint! All the best to you and this wonderful pony.

August 13 – Although we’ve had a break in trillium shows, the Cedar Run Blue Mountain Celebration took place and we’d like to congratulate Wendy Jones and Hannah Brennen on their hugely successful weekend. Wendy moved Hey Eddie! up to the 1.1om’s and won their class, with a 2nd place finish in the 1.0m’s earlier that day. Antique Lace and Hannah finished Reserve Champion Children’s Pony, Champion Green Pony, and Circuit Champion Green Pony for the three Cedar Run Shows.

Pomodoro, also ridden by Hannah, won the Large Pony Medal and was Large Pony Champion, winning 3/4 over fences classes and placing 2nd in the third. They also won the $3000 Pony Classic Finale, and were Circuit Champion Large Pony. Congratulations girls on a fantastic week!

Petra & Roman @ Cedar Run

July 30 – Stonetree wishes to congratulate Petra Currie on the purchase of Spot Check. Roman will stay in the barn, and we are so excited to see his partnership with Petra develop. We would also like to congratulate all who attended the first Cedar Run schooling show: Petra Currie, Fran Zahorchak, Caroline Visser, Jennifer Chan, Shae Peca, Abbey Plummer, and Maddy Plummer. It was a fabulous first show for all, with many ribbons and smiles coming home.

 The Butler trillium show was also extremely successful, everyone brought home ribbons, including several champion and reserve champion titles. With only three rgular season shows left, everyone at Stonetree is already getting excited as we gear up towards championships.

July 25 – What a month we’ve had! Huge successes have been reached by Stonetree on both the trillium and A Circuits. Both McCowan and Crystalbrooke were fantastic for us. As the A Circuit came nearer to home, many of our riders debuted their A Circuit careers at the Cedar Run Classic. Click the picture for more results!

June 29 –  A Circuit Update!

Pomodoro & Hannah – Reserve Champion Large Pony

Hannah has been very busy over the past few weeks with Pomodoro and Antique Lace at Cornerstone

– the new Essa Agriplex. Many thanks to Wendy, Shara, and Lorella for all your help.

Pomodoro had consistent, solid rounds the first week, pinning in every class. Week Two, Hannah rode to a first in the Large Pony Medal, and a first and two thirds in the regular large ponies. RESERVE CHAMPION Large Pony overall.

Antique Lace had a fabulous two weeks, CHAMPION Week One AND Two, with multiple class wins each day. Annie’s Champion during Week Two is her 5th in a row. Keep it up! Good luck to the rest of our Stonetree riders at the McCowan trillium show this weekend.

June 16 – We wish our riders and competitors best of luck this weekend at the first Cedar Run trillium show. Hannah and Wendy showed at Palgrave this weekend with excellent results. Wendy and Hey Eddie! were clean with the fastest times in both their classes once again. Pomodoro and Hannah won the Large Pony Medal, and Antique Lace was Champion Green Pony for -the third week in a row. Congratulations girls!

June 9 – Congratulations to Breanna Young on the purchase of Wall Street. Thank you to Debbie McFadden of Rosewood Stable for all of your help with this deal, we are looking forward to having Wall-E at Stonetree!

It’s been another super successful two weeks for our riders. We pulled an incredible total of 8 Champion/Reserve Champion ribbons at the trillium show, and a number of class wins at Palgrave! There are several new videos uploaded to our Youtube Channel, and click on the picture below for more results!

May 28 – What a great start to our season we’ve had! (Click on the horse names for videos!)

Stonetree has attended two trillium shows and three A shows to date. In the weekend we had many fantastic results, including many champion and reserve ribbons, and class wins on both circuits. This weekend was a particularly successful one for us on both circuits!

At the Springfest A Show, Wendy Jones showed Hey Eddie! for the first time after riding her only twice, and was CLEAR in all three rounds. Hannah Brennen showed Pomodoro in the Large Ponies with ribbons in every class, and WINNER of the Large Pony Medal. Antique Lace, also ridden by Hannah, was CHAMPION Green Pony, winning every class including the schooling.

The Greystone Show was another HUGE success, with the following results:

  • Chinook & Taylor Dedrick – CHAMPION Mod. Child/Adult Hunter, RESERVE CHAMPION Hack Division
  • Callado & Marin Lorimer – CHAMPION Children’s Hunter – 1st place in every class
  • Callado & Phoebe Lorimer – RESERVE CHAMPION Mod. Child/Adult Hunter, Open Hunter Classic WINNER
  • Beaverwoods Paprika & Jasmine Hellqvist – RESERVE CHAMPION Small/Medium Pony Hunter, 1st C Eq o/f, 1st C Eq u/s, 6th Pony/Short Stirrup Classic
  • Granit & Kelly McNicholl – RESERVE CHAMPION Children’s Hunter
  • Hey Eddie! & Wendy Jones – WINNER 1.0m Jumper, Ribbons 1.0m Jumper
  • Win City & Breanna Young – 2nd Place Open Hunter Classic, Top 3 ribbons in every class Mod. Child/Adult Hunter
  • Beach Bum & Rylie Loft – WINNER Short Stirrup o/f, Ribbons in Short Stirrup, C Eq Flat, & My First Medal
  • Snowdancer & Brooke Graham – Ribbons in Short Stirrup, My First Medal, C Eq Flat, & 7th Short Stirrup/Pony Classic
  • Beaverwoods Paprika & Natalia Saley – Ribbons in Short Stirrup & C Eq Flat
  • Indian Summer & Ella Gillies – Ribbons in Open 2’6 Training Hunter
  • Moments of Glory & Alexandra O’Donnell – Ribbons in 0.9m Jr/Am Jumper
  • Kintyre & Becky Dehaas – Ribbons in Hack Division

April 23 – Show season is fast approaching! Congratulations to Natasha Goldman and Anna-Sophia Voumvoulakis on the lease of Later Alligator for 2012. We wish Becky best of luck on her two weeks competing in Aiken, SC with her horse Cohiba, in preparation for the Ontario season.

April 8 – Stonetree will be holding a TACK SWAP on Saturday, April 14th. Anyone is welcome to buy or sell! Also a great opportunity to come and see the facility, more details can be found here.

April 8 – We welcome new boarders Alexandra O’Donnell and her horse Glory, and Fran Zahorchak with her horse Breckin to Stonetree! We also would like to welcome Pomodoro home from Florida. The season is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to get started! We will be attending the RCRA Trillium show with some of our horses and our season starts in early May. Good luck to everyone!


We had psychic medium and animal communicator Angie Aristone come into our barn to talk to our horses, and we are more than happy to say it was a huge success! It was fascinating to learn each horse’s personality, and hear the stories they shared with us, what they liked, and what they didn’t like. 16 different horses were read, including a few who shipped into the barn for the occasion. We learned a ton about our horses. A huge thank you to Angie for everything.

We are looking forward to the upcoming 2012 show season and have many new partnerships in our barn. Congratulations to all on the purchases or leases of your new horses and ponies.

  • Marin & Phoebe Lorimer on the lease of Callado – Thanks to Natalie Smith and Joni Marinich
  • Taylor Dedrick on the release of Chinook – Thanks Becky DeHaas
  • Mackenzie Finch and Wendy Jones on the lease of Shastan – Thanks to Valerie Smith
  • Rylie Loft on the purchase of Beach Bum – Thanks to Alpine Equestrian and Jen Thompson
  • Breanna Young on the release of Win City – Thanks to Ashly MacGregor
  • Natalia Saley & Jasmine Hellqvist on the lease of Beaverwoods Paprika – Thanks to Kirstin Brunner and the Segers
  • Kelly McNichol on the lease of Granit – Thanks to Becky DeHaas and Tamara Skocylak

We had great success during the in-barn clinic with Lois Mulligan today. Lois and her husband, Peter Mulligan run a small A Circuit show barn in the Northumberland Hills of Ontario, Stoney Fields. Our riders all learned a lot and videos are on the barn’s Youtube Channel. Great job to Wendy, Becky, Kelly, Taylor, Marin, Victoria, Jasmine, Rylie, Katlin, Breanna, and Mackenzie, and a huge thank you to Lois for all of your help.

Kelly will pursue another career
After much consideration, Kelly McAdam has decided to pursue an alternate career.  Policing has been a long time passion of Kelly’s, one that she believes she should now follow.   While we are sorry to see her go,  we wish her all the best in her new path.
Welcome to Wendy Jones!
Filling Kelly’s shoes will be Wendy Jones.  Many of you know Wendy as she has been riding at Stonetree for the past 10 months.  Wendy began riding at the age of 5 and leased her first pony at the age of 12.  She soon found herself working at her local barn.  She purchased her first horse when she was 14 years old.  She has schooled and trained horses, and cared for them.  She has had extensive experience in the service industry, often holding management positions.  She has taught riding lessons, arranged external schoolings and held riding clinics.  Wendy has organized children’s riding camps and started her own little pony club for those children who wished to participate.  She has achieved her national coaches certification under the National Coaches Certification Program and has successfully  completed the Equine Canada code of conduct test.  Most recently, she has been training with our very own, Becky Dehaas.  Wendy is a team player, dedicated to customer service and mindful of our horses and their needs and well being.

Hannah & Magic Man, RAWF Medium Pony Champion

Snowdancer at the Royal Winter Fair

We would like congratulate Hannah Brennen on qualifying and successfully competing with both her ponies at the Royal Winter Fair this year! Hannah had a great year, and both ponies did equally well considering their situations. It was Snowdancer’s first time showing at the Royal, and she jumped around without stopping and got all her lines and changes in every course. Magic, having been at the Royal before, received a 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th, claiming the title of Medium Pony Champion 2011. In the night class against all pony sizes, Magic finished 5th. Congratulations on a great end to the year for Hannah, everyone is looking forward to next year’s season!

Congratulations on our 2011 Season! Year End Results can be seen below.

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic show season! We have just the Trillium Championships left on the Trillium Circuit, and our riders can test their skills against the best of the riders competing at provincial level. 2011 year-end circuit placings:

  • Natasha Goldman & Snowdancer – Short Stirrup 9TH PLACE
  • Breanna Young & Win City – Adult Equitation U/S 8TH PLACE
  • Jasmine Hellqvist & Silver Charm – My First Medal 6TH PLACE
  • Hannah Brennen & Alexandria’s Short Notice – Small/Medium Pony Hunter 6TH PLACE
  • Christy Cockerill & D-Day – 0.9m Jr/Am Jumper – 4TH PLACE
  • Rylie Loft & Snowdancer – Beginner Equitation Division 4TH PLACE
  • Taylor Dedrick & Chinook – Modified Child/Adult Hunter – 4TH PLACE
  • Victoria Alfano & Later Alligator – B Equitation U/S 3RD PLACE
  • Phoebe Lorimer & Beau Soleil – Training 2’6 Hunter RESERVE CHAMPION
  • Victoria Alfano & Later Alligator – B Equitation O/F RESERVE CHAMPION
  • Victoria Alfano & Later Alligator – Small/Medium Pony Hunter RESERVE CHAMPION 
  • Marin Lorimer & Beau Soleil – Children’s Hunter RESERVE CHAMPION
  • Hannah Brennen & Wind Dancer Cabernet – Small/Medium Pony Hunter RESERVE CHAMPION
  • Jasmine Hellqvist & Silver Charm – Short Stirrup RESERVE CHAMPION
  • Mackenzie Finch & Granit – Open 2’3 Hunter – RESERVE CHAMPION
  • Taylor Dedrick & Chinook – Hack Division CHAMPION
  • Hannah Brennen & Wind Dancer Cabernet – B Equitation U/S CHAMPION
  • Breanna Young & Win City – Training 2’6 Hunter CHAMPION

Hannah & Magic Man – Medal Finals Champion

Hannah’s season on the A Circuit has had a very busy ending showing Magic Man and Snowdancer, and we wish Magic Man and Snowdancer luck at the Royal Winter Fair!

Magic Man – Medium Pony Hunter Reserve Champion 

Canadian Show Jumping Tournament
Magic Man – Medium Pony Hunter Champion
Magic Man – 1st Medium Pony Hunter Classic
Snowdancer – 6th Medium Pony Hunter Classic

Autumn Classic
Magic Man – 1st RH/GP Pony Medal Final
Snowdancer – 9th OHJA Power Power Handy Hunter Final

Jasmine & Silver Charm – Class Winners @ Trillium Champs

What a fantastic finish to the 2011 season, with the 2011 Trillium Championships. Congratulations to Jasmine & Charmer, Phoebe & Marin & Sonny, Taylor & Chinook, Victoria & Gator, Hannah & Squeak, Thumper, and Eswas, Christy & D-Day, and Breanna and Winny on a fantastic finish.

Silver Charm & Jasmine – 1st Short Stirrup O/F
Beau Soleil & Phoebe – 6th, 11th 2’6 O/F, 4th Open 2’6 Classic
Beau Soleil & Marin – 2nd, 4th, 7th Children’s Hunter O/F, 12th Children’s Hunter U/S
Chinook & Taylor – TIED Reserve Champion Hack Division, 5th, 5th, 2nd. 4th Modified Children’s O/F, 2nd U/S
Later Alligator & Victoria – 3rd Small Pony U/S
Wind Dancer Cabernet & Hannah –  1st Medium Pony U/S
Alexandria’s Short Notice & Hannah – 4th, 9th, 12th Small Pony U/S
Eswas & Hannah – 8th B Equitation Flat
D-Day & Christy – 3rd 1.0m Speed, 9th 0.90m Immediate J/O
Win City & Breanna – 3rd, 9th 2’6 Hunter

Great Job Girls! A huge thanks to Becky, Dayna, Sarah, Hannah, and all the moms for all your behind-the-scenes help!

National Capital Show Jumping Tournament Results

  • Hannah & Snowdancer – Medium Pony Champion, winning every o/f. (Week 1)
  • Laurel & Magic – Top Medium Pony Ribbons (Week 2)
  • Hannah & Snowdancer – Top Medium Pony Ribbons & Class Winners (Week 2)
  • Hannah & Snowdancer – Medium Pony Hunter Grand Circuit Champion (Circuit)

Woodwind Farm Trillium Results

  • Phoebe & Beau Soleil – Training 2’6 Hunter Ribbons
  • Jasmine & Silver Charm – Short Stirrup Ribbons, C Equitation Flat Ribbons
  • D-Day & Christy Cockerill – 0.90m Jumper Ribbons, 1.0m Jumper Ribbons
  • Breanna & Win City – Training 2’6 Hunter Reserve Champion
  • Marin & Beau Soleil – Children’s Hunter Reserve Champion
  • Rylie & Snowdancer – Short Stirrup Champion, 2nd Place My First Medal
  • Victoria & Later Alligator – B Equitation Flat & O/F Ribbons, Small/Medium Pony Champion
  • Taylor & Chinook – Modified Child/Adult Hunter Reserve Champion, Hack Division Champion

Summer Festival Results

  • Laurel & Magic Man – Ribbons in Medal, Every Class in Medium Pony Hunters
  • Hannah & Snowdancer – Medium Pony Medal Winner, 2nd Place Medium Pony Hunter Stake

Trillium @ Cedar Run Results

  • Jasmine & Silver Charm – C Eq Flat Winners, Short Stirrup Champion
  • Victoria & Later Alligator – B Eq Flat Winners, Small/Medium Pony Reserve Champion
  • Hannah & Wind Dancer Cabernet – Small/Medium Pony Champion, 2nd B Eq Flat, Currently Leading the Zone 
  • Hannah &  Alexandria’s Short Notice – Small/Medium Pony Class Winners
  • Marin & Beau Soleil – Children’s Hunter Reserve Champion
  • Taylor & Chinook – Hack Division Champion, Currently Leading the Zone
  • Rylie & Snowdancer – Beginner Equitation Division Reserve Champion
  • Christy & D-Day – Ribbons 0.90m Jumper, 1.00m Jumper
  • Natasha & Snowdancer – Short Stirrup Ribbons
  • Dayna & Ella Enchanted – Large Pony Ribbons
  • Mackenzie & Granit – Open Hunter 2’3 Ribbons
  • Phoebe & Sonny – Training Hunter 2’6 Champion
  • Breanna & Winny – Training Hunter 2’6 Reserve Champion – Tie, Currently Leading the Zone
Equestrian Festival @ Palgrave
  • Hannah & Snowdancer – Medium Pony Stake Winner, 10th $5000 Jump Canada Pony Hunter Classic out of 54 Entries
Congratulations Everyone!

We had a very busy weekend, and another double show week, and it was very successful! At the McCowan Stables Trillium show, we had much success. Congratulations to Katlin, Mackenzie, Breanna, Taylor, Marin, Phoebe, Christy, Dayna, Wendy, Becky, Hannah, Victoria, Rylie, Natasha, and Jasmine on another great show.

On Friday, we also took Magic Man and Snowdancer to Iron Horse for the Summerfest show. The long drive was worth it, as Magic won a class and recieved many other great ribbons, and Snowdancer was Medium Pony Champion, recieving 2,1,1 over jumps.

We are looking forward to a week off, and then we head into the “crunch time” of the show circuit. Good luck to everyone!

3rd Place Pony Classic out of 40

Hannah and Snowdancer, 3rd Place Pony Classic

What a great week at Cedar Run! Laurel and Magic Man and Hannah and Snowdancer showed at Cedar Run and came back with great results. Laurel and Magic were Medium Pony Champions, winning 3 classes (including the schooling) and placing 2nd in two classes. Laurel and Magic were also 9th in the competitive Pony Classic at the end of the second day. Hannah and Snowdancer earned several ribbons in the Medium Ponies, and placed 3rd overall in the Pony Classic out of over 40 entries. Congratulations on another great show!

We had a hugely successful show at the trillium at Crystalbrooke Farm this weekend.

Beau Soleil & Phoebe Lorimer – Training Hunter 2’6 Ribbons
Win City & Breanna Young – Training Hunter 2’6 Ribbons
Ella Enchanted & Dayna Woods – 0.90m Jr/Am Jumper Ribbons, 1.00m Jr/Am Jumper Ribbons
Snowdancer & Natasha Goldman – Short Stirrup Ribbons
Wind Dancer Cabernet & Hannah Brennen – B Equitation Winner, Small/Medium Pony Ribbons
Snowdancer & Rylie Loft – Beginner Equitation Winner, and Ribbons
Granit & Mackenzie Finch – Open Hunter 2’3 Reserve Champion
Chinook & Taylor Dedrick – Modified Child/Adult u/s Winner, Hack Division Reserve Champion
Beau Soleil & Marin Lorimer – Children’s Hunter Champion
Later Alligator & Victoria Alfano – Small/Medium Pony Champion, B Equitation Ribbons
Granit & Katlin Benson – Adult Amateur Hunter Champion, Adult Equitation Winner, 4th Place $500 Chez Michel Open Hunter Derby
Silver Charm & Jasmine Hellqvist – Reserve Champion Beginner Equitation Division, Champion Short Stirrup, C Equitation Ribbons

Congratulations to everyone on a super show! We can’t wait until the next one!

We have finally finished our first trillium show of the summer! Results are as follows:

Later Alligator & Victoria Alfano – Small/Medium Pony Ribbons, B Equitation Ribbons
Snowdancer & Natasha Goldman – Short Stirrup Ribbons
Beau Soleil & Marin Lorimer – Children’s Hunter Ribbons
Ella Enchanted & Dayna Woods – 1.0m Jr/Am Jumper Ribbons
Snowdancer & Rylie Loft – My First Medal Ribbon
Beau Soleil & Phoebe Lorimer – Training Hunter 2’6 Ribbons
Granit & Katlin Benson – Adult Amateur Hunter Reserve Champion
Win City & Breanna Young – Training Hunter 2’6 Ribbons
Chinook & Taylor Dedrick – Modified Child/Adult Hunter Ribbons, Hack Division Reserve Champion
Granit & Mackenzie Finch – Open 2’3 Hunter Reserve Champion
Wind Dancer Cabernet & Hannah Brennen – Small/Medium Pony Champion, B Equitation Winner
Silver Charm & Jasmine Hellqvist – Short Stirrup Ribbons, Beginner Equitation Champion

This Friday at the Cornerstone @ Palgrave A Circuit horse show we also had lots of sucess! Laurel Blades and Magic Man received several good ribbons in the medium ponies, as did Snowdancer and Hannah Brennen.

After the 3rd and 4th weeks of Palgrave, our Stonetree A Circuit riders are doing well! Laurel Blades and Magic Man placed 1st, 1st, and 5th in the Medium Pony Hunters, and came home with their first championship of the season. Snowdancer and Hannah Brennen also won several ribbons in the Medium Ponies and Medium Pony Medal. The following week, Magic Man and Snowdancer were 3rd and 5th in the OHJA Pony Power Handy Hunter, the first of a three-part class. This weekend will be a busy one, as we will be showing at Cornerstone on Friday, and Cedar Run on Saturday and Sunday. Good Luck Stonetree!

Congratulations to everyone at the first trillium show of the year! To start off the show, Christy Cockerill and Spotcheck competed in the 1m jr/am jumpers, ribboning in one class and jumping clean in another. Mckenzie Finch and Granit competed in the 2′ training hunters, and they had great results. Breanna Young and Win City showed in the 2’9 training hunters, and had excellent results, including winning a class, and being reserve champion overall. Victoria Alfano and Later Alligator were 1st in the small pony hunter under saddle, as well as receiving ribbons over fences and in the B Equitation. Taylor Dedrick and Chinook showed in the modified Children’s Hunters, and Marin Lorimer and Beau Soleil showed in the regular Children’s Hunters, both receiving high ribbons. Phoebe Lorimer and Beau Soliel showed in the 2’6 hunters, and received ribbons as well. What a great show! We are so excited to begin the Georgian Bay trillium season, good luck girls!

So far, we’ve been to two shows this summer with great success. Magic and Laurel showed in the Medium Ponies at the Classic at Palgrave Phase 1, and Caledon National. They brought home some great ribbons, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the season. Hannah and Snowdancer made their Medium Pony Debut  at the Caledon National, and we look forward to showing Abbey for the rest of the season! We’re now gearing up for the Trillium @ Palgrave next weekend. We also welcome three new school horses into the barn.

We wish Kaylee Arsenault and Night N’ Day the best of luck this summer! We will miss our Oscar, but we know he’ll be in great hands at Holly Hill Farm. Our first horse show is less than two weeks away, and we are all more than excited for this show season.

We have several new partnerships in our barn! Good luck to Breanna Young and Win City, Jasmine Hellqvist and Silver Charm, and Marin and Phoebe Lorimer and Beau Soleil! This week, Hannah Brennen also travelled down to Wellington, Florida, for Week 4 of the Winter Equestrian Festival. She and Sweet Leonie were Champion in the Children’s Jumper, 14-17, of a very competitive field of more than 25 riders. The pair was 2nd, and 3rd, and took 1st prize in the Children’s Classic the next day. Congratulations on another successful show Hannah! We are getting all geared up to head to some indoor shows here in cold Canada, and can’t wait!

Hannah Brennen and Sweet Leonie

Congratulations to Hannah Brennen and Sweet Leonie on being Children’s Jumper Champion at the A-T Benefit AA Horse Show, the final show in the Holiday pre-WEF circuit at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, in Wellington, Florida. Good luck to Hannah and Sweet Leonie, as well as Amy Masterson and Alto Aviador in Wellington this winter. We look forward to watching you compete!

Congrats to Becky Dehaas and Cohiba on a very successful trip to St. Louis, for the Lake St. Louis Winter Festival Horse Show! We are all very excited to watch you show in the 2011 show year!


We would like to send out a huge congratulations to all of the riders competing with Stonetree Farms in 2010! Our 2010 show team: Hannah Oakey, Natasha Goldman, Cassidy Latimer, Natalia Saley, Gabriella Norton, Kelly McNicholl, Taylor Dedrick Linthorne, Christy Cockerill, Amy Masterson, Marin Lorimer, Victoria Alfano, Jasmine Hellqvist, Hannah Brennen, Alexis Lamoureux, Brooke Graham, Mackenzie Finch, and Phoebe Lorimer.

The Stonetree Girls at the OHJA Banquet

  • Jasmine Hellqvist, Smegem’s Shadow: 7th OHJA Walk/Trot Equitation
  • Phoebe Lorimer, Wind Dancer’s Diamond in the Rough: 8th OHJA Short Stirrup
  • Hannah Brennen, Snowdancer: 4th OHJA Green Pony Hunter
  • Sam Walker/Hannah Brennen, Night N’ Day: 9th OHJA Small Pony Hunter
  • Hannah Brennen, Magic Man: 4th OHJA Medium Pony Hunter
  • Amy Masterson, Beau Soleil: 6th CE Trillium Children’s Hunter and more results below

Congratulations to all on a very successful show season!  We all look forward to the new partnerships and 2011 show season!

Congratulations to Hannah Brennen, Sam Walker, Magic Man, and Night N’ Day at the 2010 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!

Winning the Under Saddle

Hannah Brennen and Magic Man winning the Medium Pony Under Saddle

Hannah and Magic Man finished 4th in the Medium Pony Hunter Stake, and Won the Medium Pony Hunter Under Saddle sponsored by Classic Way. It was a great show for them, with Magic Man improving greatly in every course. What a great way to end the year!

Night N’ Day was ridden by Sam Walker and Hannah Brennen, and it ended up being his most sucessful Royal to date. In the first trip, Hannah rode him to a 4th place finish. 8-year old Sam took over the ride for the remainder of the division, placing 4th in the small pony under saddle, and 7th in the competitive Small Pony Stake with a 74. Congratulations to both riders! Thanks to all who came out and supported!

Amy Masterson came back from the Central East Trillium banquet with plenty of ribbons! With a total of 66 ribbons over the entire season on Sonny, Amy got a ribbon in every division she competed in this year! Amy and Sonny finished:

Amy & Sonny

Amy & Sonny

-6th Children’s Hunter
-6th Children’s Medal
-6th ‘A’ Equitation O/F
-10th ‘A’ Equitation Flat

Amy also had a surprise when she won the Cassie Bonnar Award, Junior Equestrian of the Year. The Cassie Bonnar Award is awarded to a junior member of the OEF who has made an outstanding contribution of time an effort to Ontario equestrian sport, recreation, and/or equine welfare. Congratulations Amy & Sonny, we are very proud of you, and good luck with your new horse Alto Aviador!

Congratulations to Hannah Brennen and Magic Man on qualifying for the 2010 Royal Winter Fair, as well as a team effort of Hannah Brennen and Sam Walker on qualifying Night N’ Day. Good luck! Also, congratulations to Amy Masterson on the purchase of Alto Aviador (previously Versace), and Marin and Phoebe Lorimer on the lease of Beau Soleil! We look forward to seeing these new partnerships in 2011!

Crown Ridge Annah, 4 hours old

Crown Ridge Annah, 4 hours old

A huge congratulations to Jenna Ponzo, Lorella Zanchetta, Hannah Brennen, Stonetree Farm, Crown Ridge Farm, Molly, and many others on Molly’s new filly Annah! Crown Ridge Annah was born on Thursday, Sept. 2nd, at about 4:00 am. She is out of AutumnGold (by Cusop Jovial) and sired by Fydlyn Adlais. Already quite a looker, we will be able to watch little Annah grow up at Crown Ridge Farm, located about 10 minutes away from Stonetree. We will be sure to keep you updated!

Good Job Amy Masterson and Beau Soliel! Amy qualified on the competitve Central East zone for Trillium Championships in all of her divisions!
-6th Children’s Hunter
-6th ‘A’ Equitation
-6th Children’s Medal
Way to go Amy! We have come to the conclusion that Sonny likes pink! She and Sonny were top 3 overall in the Children’s Hunter division 4/12 shows, and altogether won 53 ribbons this year, including 3rd at the Pickering Horse Center Open 3′ Hunter Derby. Good luck at Championships Amy!

What a great show we had at Halton Place this week! Hannah was the only one from our barn that went, but she came back with great results! Sweet Leonie and Hannah were 4th in the 1.10m jr/am’s, Snowdancer got some great ribbons in the greens, Night N’ Day was champion in the small pony hunters, Magic Man was reserve champion in the medium pony hunters! Congrats!

Hannah Brennen and Sweet Leonie, FEI Children's Jumper

Hannah Brennen and Sweet Leonie, FEI Children’s Jumper

Congratulations to Hannah Brennen and Sweet Leonie on being the 2010 Eastern Canada FEI Children’s Jumper Champions!

Hannah and Sweet Leonie also finished 2nd in the 1.10m mini-prix, both weeks of the National Capital Show Jumping Tournament. This was their 5th show together, Hannah’s 5th show ever in the jumpers, and Hannah’s first time riding 1.20m. We knew you could do it! The pair came home with many other ribbons from the two weeks of horse shows.

Congrats to Hannah Brennen and Magic Man, for being Champion Medium Pony Hunter at the Summer Classic @ Palgrave, and being Reserve Champion Medium Pony Hunter at the Equestrian Festival, back to back. Congratulations as well to Phoebe Lorimer, Victoria Alfano, Kelly McNicholl, and Marin Lorimer on noteable ribbons from the two shows as well.

We travelled to Halton Place for the second week of the Horse International horse show, and came home with fantastic results!

Kelly McNichol, Victoria Alfano, and Marin Lorimer all ribboned their divisions. Hannah Brennen was Reserve Champion Small Pony Hunter with Night N’ Day, and Champion Medium Pony Hunter with Magic Man!

Sarah Bellamy had a great day as well, placing second in the 1.20 jr/am. jumpers with Caprice Z. Sarah’s other horse, Obelia, also had an exceptional day, finishing 1st in the 6 year olds!

Later this week, Sarah took her two horses back to Halton Place for the 1.10m mini prix. She came back with a 3rd with Obelia, and a 5th with Caprice Z.

On Saturday, Taylor Dedrick and Amy Masterson went to Jackpine to compete in the Hack Division and Children’s Hunter respectively. Taylor, riding Chinook, won the road hack, and was 7th in the pleasure and show hack. Amy and Beau Soleil were Children’s Champion, winning both o/f’s trips, and coming 5th in the hack. Congrats!


Congratulations to all Stonetree riders on an excellent and productive 2009 show season!

All of our riders, from beginners through to seasoned competitors, worked hard throughout the year to develop and enhance their skills and to strengthen their horse/rider partnerships, with great successes all round.

Special congratulations to:

Hannah Brennen & Night N’ Day, Reserve Champion OHJA Small Pony Division, and 8th in OHJA Pony Medal

Marin Lorimer & Mudslide, 7th in OHJA Childrens Pony Division

Victoria Alfano & Later Alligator, 9th in OHJA Short Stirrup Division

Phoebe Lorimer & Wind Dancer’s Diamond in the Rough, 10th OHJA “C” Equitation

Amy Masterson & Redford, 5th GBHJ 2’3” Hunter Division