Stonetree Farms is a premier equestrian facility for riders and competitors of all ages and skill levels. Our goal is to provide the best care available while encouraging the development and success of horse and rider. The environment at Stonetree is safe, rewarding, and positive.

Wendy Jones  

Wendy has been riding horses and ponies for over 34 years.

Starting on lesson ponies at the local barn in Pickering Ontario, at the age of 5, Wendy quickly caught the horse bug .By the time she was 13, Wendy had saved enough money working in the stables to buy her first horse, and she has never looked back.


Working at a stable to retrain sales horses throughout her teenage years, showing ponies, hunters and jumpers throughout her life, teaching children and adults, managing the facility… Wendy can help you!

She encourages our youth to work together in the barn and learn all the amazing life lessons that horses & ponies teach us. Her energy and dedication to her students is felt throughout the facility.

Families introducing their children to ponies, and youth who have ‘caught the bug’ of horses all appreciate Wendy’s dedication to their individual needs and development.

As an OEF/EC Certified Competition Coach, Wendy will help your horse, pony, or rider reach the maximum of their potential in a safe environment.

Contact Wendy directly to book an initial lesson or consultation.  Check out the services offered at Stonetree Farms!