At Stonetree, we offer a variety of horses and ponies for sale to suit your needs and price ranges. Our current sales list includes:


None at the moment, but we have several lease and part-board horses available in barn. Check back soon or call 705-444-5070. 


Large Ponies
 – Ali Baba
Antique Lace
Northwinds A Bit Painted
– Morton Tom Cat –

Medium Ponies
Magic Man
– Snowdancer –
– Molly –
– Winddancer Diamond in the Rough –

Small Ponies
Night N’ Day –

We can also help you find a suitable mount out-of-barn, and may have other horses or ponies available in the barn for sale, lease, or part board.
Call for more information. 705-444-5070.

  • A HUGE congratulations to our own Wendy Jones on the purchase of Lear 02. We’re so happy to have the two of you together in the barn. February 2014.
  • Hannah Baxter on the lease of Cori. We know the two of you will be great together next year! January 2014.
  • Congratulations to Hannah and Ashley Umiker on the part-lease of Winddancer’s Diamond in the Rough. Thrilled to see you both, and Cindy, so happy together.
  • Emily Wrzesinkski and Antique Lace will be a pair to watch out for on the Stonetree team in 2014. The two of you are perfect together and Annie couldn’t be happier!
  • Caroline Visser on the lease of Ali Baba. We’re very excited to see Stanley in barn and love the pair of you together!
  • Shae Peca on the lease of Can’t Touch This. We’re thrilled to see you two together in the barn! November 2013.
  • Best of luck to the Wynbrook Stables team, where Magic Man will be spending 2014! November 2013.
  • We’re looking forward to watching Celine Bonnano and Vintage in the Children’s Hunters in 2014. Good luck to you both! September 2013.
  • Congratulations to Kamryn Wiest on the lease of Night N’ Day! We will be looking forward to having you a part of our barn this summer! April 2013
  • We are thrilled to say Pomodoro has been leased! Congratulations Joey! We know he will do a great job in Ohio, where he will be showing (and loving) the 3′ Large Ponies! March 2013
  • Best of luck to Abby Lustig with Magic Man in 2013! December 2012.
  • Congratulations to Cindy Gordon on the purchase of Mortons Catmint! Best of luck with this wonderful pony for years to come. September 2012.
  • Congratulations to the O’Reilly Family & Scott Ottewell on your lease of Later Alligator! September 2012.
  • Spot Check has been sold! We know Roman will be loved forever with new owner Petra Currie. August 2012.
  • Snowdancer – Congratulations to Brooke Graham, Good Luck in 2012!
  • Later Alligator – Congratulations to Natasha Goldman & Anna-Sophia Voumvoulakis!
  • Night N’ Day – Congratulations to Lisa Carlsen, Good Luck in 2012!
  • Magic Man – Congratulations to Shara & Cydney Pavan, Good Luck in 2012!
  • Chinook – Congratulations Taylor Dedrick on your re-lease of Chinook!
  • D-Day – Congratulations to Christy Cockerill
  • Carlotta’s Girl – Congratulations
  • Spotcheck – Congratulations to Christy Cockerill
  • Snegem’s Shadow – Congratulations to Kyle Ecclestone
  • Bilbo Baggins – Congratulations to the Lorimer Family
  • Taboo – Congratulations to Emily MacIntyre